All grey Tillandsia species love bright light to full sun depending on air humidity level. The more air humidity you are able to provide the more intense light they would like to get! A light shade thrown by palms and small trees will be perfect, just to take away the intense midday sun during summer. When it comes to Tillandsias or Air Plants as they are often referred to, we have to distinguish between diferent types. The greyish almost white coloured Tillandsias, this type enjoys much more direct sun light and is able to withstand dry conditions better. An other group are the greyish green Tillandsias. These more or less green looking Air Tillandsias require a higher air humidity and prefer a little bit more shade. There is a smooth transition between white and greenish Air Plants with hundreds of varieties in-between. The whiter a Tillandsia is the more light it loves, the greener it is the more shade and humidity it enjoys. The last type are the green Tank-Tillandsias, this group requires much less light and a more humid environment.


The ideal water to use is rain water, but any other kind of more or less soft water will do the job as well. Tillandsias love to be mist on a regular bases. In general it is very beneficial to their growth to provide higher air humidity. But White Tillandsias are able to cope with lower humidity. Green Tank-Tillandsias need to be watered into the center. To grow Tillandsias successfully a good air circulation is essential, the plants need air movement to dry up quickly after watering especially in Winter.


There will be growth within a temperature range from 18ºC to 32ºC. A general rule of thumb is, the higher the temperature and the amount of light, the more water is needed. Tillandsias being very robust plants, they are able to withstand extreme heat and cool temperatures without damage. But never the less the temperature shouldn´t drop below 5ºC.


Air Tillandsias like to be mounted upon pieces of wood or stones. Once transplanted suiting their needs Tillandsias will start to grow roots attaching themselfs to the wood or stone. On the contrary green Tank-Tillandsias like to be planted in a fibrous and good aerated substrate. Fertilization is not needed, your Tillandsia will thrive beautifully without any fertilizer.