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Other species of Bromelaids: Alcantarea, Billbergias, Canistropsis, Edmundoas, Fascicularia, Hohenbergias, Nidulariums, Porteas, Quesnelias, and Special Soil.


  • Alcantarea

    Most of the Alcantarea species are very large growing plants. Alcantareas thrive for many years before flowering. Once in bloom they develop a huge, fantastic looking flower.

  • Billbergia

    Billbergias usually grow tall compared with other Bromeliads. Billbergias are medium-sized to large plants with generally stiff leaves which range from green or gray to reddish and purple.

  • Edmundoa
    Edmundoas grow relatively wide rosettes with green spotted leaves. The flower stays in the center of the plants with a beautiful corona of white or rosa leaves around the flower.
  • Hohenbergia

    Hohenbergias have large tank rosettes which are mostly wide open. They develop reddish, spiny cones on a long inflorescence when flowering.

  • Nidularium
    Nidulariums produce medium sized to moderately lage rosettes with numerous, green leaves. They are perfect matches for moist and shady conditions.
  • Portea

    Porteas develop large and tall growing green rosettes. They produce long, branching inflorecenes with purple berries on it.

  • Quesnelia

    Quesnelias are green leaved, spiny Bromeliads which produce very intensely colored Flowers.