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Our online store offers europe´s biggest selection of Tillandsias and Bromeliads from our nursery in Malaga/ South Spain. Our aim is to provide to all plant enthusiasts and professionals a wide variety of Bromeliads with outstanding quality and service.

  • 2 x T. tectorum, 3 x T. ionantha var. scaposa, 1 x T. cacticola hybrid, 2 x T. juncifolia, 2 x T. capitata peach, 2 x T. brachycaulos var. multiflora, 2 x T. velutina, 3 x T. pseudobaileyi, 3 x T. ionantha var. ionantha, 2 x T. seleriana, 2 x T. oaxacana, 3 x T. caput medusae, 3 x T. bergeri

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